Visual Focus is a full-service audio-visual integrator offering comprehensive installation and commissioning. Our team of qualified installation technicians is experienced ensuring quality workmanship on-site.  The simplest to most complex installations are coordinated efficiently using professional work practices according to Australian safety standards. Our professional installers work to design specifications to run in-wall cabling and precisely mount equipment to wall and ceiling positions.

For large projects, our installation team work closely with our in-house project manager liaising with external contractors, consultants, builders and electricians. The Visual Focus team undertakes a comprehensive system check procedure then coordinates handover training and project user guides and manuals.

At completion, our commissioning process ensures our clients are completely satisfied.

Pre-wiring new or renovated buildings

Visual Focus recommends that pre-wiring for audio-visual equipment be installed as part of the construction schedule for a new home, commercial business or educational facility. Pre-wiring is not only cost-effective in the long run, it gives you the advantage to future proof.  Add to your system as technology advances while maintaining concealed and tasteful installation.

When building or renovating, the best time to pre-wire for your audio-visual system is prior to wall sheeting.  Its about the same time as your electrical contractor is installing their cabling.  Before the wall sheeting is finalised, Visual Focus installers will position the AV cabling neatly into wall cavities and in separation from electricity cabling. Once sheeting is completed, Visual Focus will fit off the cable ends and install wall plates ready for operation.

Talk to a Visual Focus system designer early in your building planning to incorporate the latest multi-zone, multi-source audio-visual technology.

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