Visual Focus offers approved clients the option to lease their audio-visual system over a period of up to 5 years.

Financing your business audio-visual system can have significant benefits for companies of all sizes.

CONSERVE CASH – Your cash is not tied up in equipment so you can use cash for strategic investments or innovation for your business to grow.

PRESERVE CREDIT – Don’t tie up your lines of credit.

TOTAL SOLUTION FINANCING – Finance up to 100% of your equipment costs bringing your technology, maintenance and services together in one monthly bill.

FIXED PAYMENTS – Fixed monthly or quarterly payments help you manage your budget.

CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT – Match inflows to outflows paying for equipment as it produces revenue or productivity benefits.

FLEXIBILITY – A variety of traditional and customized structures to meet your needs.

UP-TO-DATE TECHNOLOGY – Upgrade to new technology to match your current and future business needs.

OFF-BALANCE-SHEET FINANCING – “Off-balance-sheet” financing may comply with bank and loan covenants, stay within capital budget constraints and improve certain financial ratios.

PURCHASE AND RENEWAL OPTIONS – End-of-lease options with flexibility to return, purchase or upgrade your equipment as your business requires.

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