Warranty and Repairs

Warranty support is offered on products purchased from Visual Focus.

Most electronic equipment sold by Visual Focus is supported by its Manufacturer Warranty.   Each manufacturer provides warranty with different durations, conditions and limitations.  Please contact our office for details or navigate to the manufacturer’s website for further information.

Workmanship Warranty

Visual Focus provides a one year warranty for any issues related to the workmanship by our technicians.  This warranty includes work by our technicians for installation, programming or commissioning of the equipment it supplies.  In some instances, our warranty support may include temporary loan replacement of equipment until repairs are completed.   The Visual Focus warranty is only extended to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

Manufacturer Warranty Service

Visual Focus can liaise with manufacturers where equipment it has sold is within the manufacturer warranty period.

Most manufacturer warranties do not include the cost of labour and travel associated with the removal, re-installation and shipping of equipment to the manufacturer service agent or company base.   Visual Focus can quote on these costs and coordinate the removal of faulty equipment from your system, arrange its repair and re-install equipment.

Why not invest in an Visual Focus Audio-Visual System Care Package.

Visual Focus Audio-Visual System Care Package

The Visual Focus audio-visual system care package is designed to give you confidence that your audio-visual system will perform to your expectations every time.

We understand that your AV system is a sizable investment.  Proactive maintenance is added protection, keeping components in top condition, extending system life and giving you best return on investment.

Our technicians are qualified, skilled and know how your system and equipment is configured and programmed.   We invest in their on-going training to make sure your system can be serviced ready for operating and right for your business needs.  Our passion for technology means we care that equipment is regularly checked, firmware is up-to-date and system improvements are delivered.  The care package compliments your manufacturer warranty adding Visual Focus support for faulty equipment, to remove, ship for repair and reinstall on return without additional charge.

Visual Focus System Care Package inclusions:

  • On-site bi-annually or quarterly preventative maintenance and inspections scheduled to prevent troubles and downtimes
  • Updates to firmware, control programming and system adjustments
  • Cables, connectors and rack equipment checks
  • User manuals and training for new staff
  • Priority response times and phone support (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)
  • Efficient system fault troubleshooting supporting removal, repair and reinstallation of faulty equipment and management of manufacturer warranty terms
  • Access to equipment loan stock during warranty, repair or equipment upgrade

Your audio-visual system is ready to work when you are maximising value for money!

You receive a regular report:  After each System Care visit, you receive a report confirming the status of your audio-visual system.   This report includes information about the work completed, potential anticipated updates required, recommendations to extend system life and ensure future reliability.

Talk to Visual Focus about including other options such as:

  • A package of pre-paid priority technician call-out time for breakdowns and system checks before special events and business activities (eg: State of Origin Games, Product Launch, CEO presentation)
  • After hours emergency mobile phone contact with a technician
  • Special out-of-hours callout rates for emergency on-site service by a technician.
  • Remote dial-in software capabilities for geo-distant troubleshooting, saving on travel costs
  • Spares and consumables such as lamps, cables and connectors
  • Annual asset tracking report confirming hardware location, serial number, brand and model
  • Recommendations for improvements or upgrades as new technology emerges
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