The Visual Focus team is here to help you with the design and installation of all your home AV needs. From a single small Sonos speaker, to multiroom app-controlled speaker systems or the complete Atmos home theatre setup Visual Focus has you covered.

Come in-store to see and experience our Dolby Atmos equipped home theatre demo room, with speakers from prestige brands such as Bowers & Wilkins and Martin Logan. A selection of Projectors from Epson, and AV receivers from Anthem, Pioneer, Integra and More. 

If commitments mean you can’t make it during our regular business hours, an after-hours appointment can be arranged with one of our team. 

Once you have selected your dream home setup, the Visual Focus install team can get the messy work done for you.

Installing cables in walls, putting in TV antenna, mounting speakers and projectors in ceilings and expertly configure everything ready for you to sit down and enjoy your favourite TV show or movie.

We will be able to able to help you with every step along the way and support you after the work is long done. 

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