Visual Focus specifies and supplies a broad range of professional production equipment from Lighting, P.A’s Consoles and consumables. Our expertise has supported the requirements of major performing arts centres, touring bands and arts companies, Council venues, school halls and community spaces.

P.A Systems

We can supply and install equipment from almost every major manufacturer in the professional production world.  We regularly work with manufacturers like L’Acoustics, d&b, JBL and EV, and their technical support teams to help design systems that meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectations. Helping guarantee a smooth integration into your venue, and leaving you with the least amount of down time possible.


Not only can Visual Focus supply you with fixtures from the likes of ETC, Robe and Martin we have years of experience with the infrastructure you need to make them work. Motorised and static lighting bars, power and DMX distribution, and all the rigging for whatever show comes your way.


Navigating the purchase of a new Audio or Lighting console can be a real headache. With the seemingly infinite number of features, combination of formats, channel counts, plugins, customisable interfaces and an endless list of addons it can be a full-time job to know how it all goes together and if it will work the way you need. Its a good thing that is our fulltime job, so when you have a question, we can give you the answer.

Venue Infrastructure

Having robust, flexible and reliable backend infrastructure is essential for any event space to run smoothly and hassle-free. 
Visual Focus can help plan according to your needs, and build the unseen but critical infrastructure to speed up your workflow and maintain ultimate flexibility when it comes to showtime.
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