AVPro Edge AC-CXWP-HDMO-T 4K HDMI Single Gang Decora Wall Plate

AVPro Edge AC-CXWP-HDMO-T 4K HDMI Single Gang Decora Wall Plate


  • HDMI Auto Sensing Input
  • HDCP 2.2
  • Single-gang, Low Heat
  • EDID Management

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AVPro Edge AC-CXWP-HDMO-T 4K HDMI Single Gang Decora Wall Plate

This single gang AVPro Edge AC-CXWP-HDMO-T, HDBaseT wall plate transmitter is a part of ConferX’s line of professional audio video products. Installing this sleek transmitter is a breeze as it’s built to fit any standard single gang mug ring, but its sleek design is only the beginning. If using the AC-EX70-444-RNE-P, the AC-CXWP-HDMO-T can transmit an HDMI or USB-C signal over CAT 6a for up to 100 meters when using 1080p, and up to 70 meters with working with 4K. The entire ConferX line of products is built to military-grade standards to ensure stable connections for long periods. We are so sure about that. It comes with our no-nonsense 10-year warranty.

Simplify installations in schools, offices, meeting rooms, and huddle rooms. Once integrated into your client’s system, they now have the perfect solution for sharing information from any computer or source. This unit is designed to work flawlessly with all PC, VESA, and traditional resolutions 4K 60Hz 4:2:0 8-bit & HDR 4:2:2 12 BIT. With the AC-CXWP-HDMO-T, you get a sleek look your client will like, a stable connection that lasts, and a product that works seamlessly with any source you throw at it.


UHD over Category Cable

The length of manufactured HDMI cable is unchangeable after it’s made, and they are unreliable after about 25FT. HDMI connectors can only be terminated in a specialized factory environment due to their extremely high frequencies and high density. This does not allow installers or users to remake or make cables on a DIY basis. On the other hand, CAT-6A cables are available widely and can be reworked easily by the installer or end-user.


By using Avpro Edge AC-CXWP-HDMO-T, the transmission distance for HD 1080P is 100 meters (330ft) & 4K is up to 70 meters (230ft)

Auto Sensing

The AVPro Edge AC-CXWP-HDMO-T wall plate is designed to be a “Set it & forget it” piece of hardware. When the user plugs in their device, the wall plate automatically senses the signal and makes it active. With indicator lights on the face of the wall plate, you know whether or not you have a solid connection or not.


No local power is required when you use the AVPro Edge AC-CXWP-HDMO-T. Power is provided by ultra-stable PoE technology. Optionally, you can power it locally with any HDBaseT Receiver or projector that takes HDBaseT input.

Single Gang

Save space and make a squeaky clean installation with the single gang configuration. This wall plate fits in more places than ever. It’s perfect for mounting in a wall, on a desk or podium top, or any other place where you need a solid and sleek HDMI connection.

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

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AVPro Edge AC-CXWP-HDMO-TAVPro Edge AC-CXWP-HDMO-T 4K HDMI Single Gang Decora Wall Plate

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