Aver CAM570 Dual Lens 4K PTZ Conferencing Camera

Aver CAM570 Dual Lens 4K PTZ Conferencing Camera


  •  Full HD 1080p
  • 36X total Zoom
  • Auto Framing
  • USB connection

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 Aver CAM570 Dual Lens PTZ Camera: Redefining Video Conferencing Excellence


The Aver CAM570 Dual Lens PTZ Camera sets a new standard for video conferencing with its advanced features, dual lens design, and exceptional performance. Designed to deliver crystal-clear visuals and seamless collaboration, the CAM570 is the ultimate solution for professional meetings, conferences, and remote collaborations.

Dual Lens Design

The CAM570 features an innovative dual lens design, combining a high-quality PTZ camera and a wide-angle panoramic camera in a single unit. This unique configuration offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to capture detailed close-ups and encompassing wide shots effortlessly. From focusing on presenters to showcasing the entire meeting space, the camera delivers exceptional flexibility.

Superior Optical Performance

Experience exceptional image quality with superior optics. Its advanced lenses and sensors, this camera ensures stunning visuals, sharp details, and lifelike clarity that enhance communication and engage participants. Enjoy vibrant colours, crisp images, and immersive video conferencing experiences like never before.

Powerful Zoom Capabilities

Zoom in with precision using the CAM570’s powerful zoom capabilities. With an impressive optical zoom range, you can focus on speakers, whiteboards, or other important visual content without compromising image quality. Capture every detail and ensure all participants can see important information regardless of their location.

Smooth PTZ Control

Take full control of your video conferences with smooth pan, tilt, and zoom functionality. Effortlessly adjust the camera angle, track presenters, or capture the entire room with ease. The motorized movements and precise control ensure seamless transitions and enable you to follow the action smoothly.

Expansive Field of View

The CAM570 offers an expansive field of view, allowing you to capture the entire meeting space without the need for manual adjustments. With a wide-angle lens, the camera ensures that all participants are visible in the frame, fostering inclusivity and collaboration. No matter the size of the room, the camera guarantees comprehensive coverage.

Intelligent Auto Adjustments

The CAM570 features intelligent auto adjustments for exposure, focus, and white balance. These advanced technologies automatically optimize camera settings based on the lighting conditions in the room, ensuring that participants are always clearly visible and providing optimal image quality in any environment.

Experience the pinnacle of video conferencing excellence with the Aver Dual Lens PTZ Camera. Enjoy superior optical performance, powerful zoom capabilities, smooth PTZ control, and intelligent features that enhance collaboration and communication.


Further information on this product can be found on this link: https://communication.aver.com/model/cam570

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CAM570Aver CAM570 Dual Lens 4K PTZ Conferencing Camera

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