Aver CAM550 4K Dual Lens PTZ Conferencing Camera

Aver CAM550 4K Dual Lens PTZ Conferencing Camera


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  • Dual lens design for versatile capturing options
  • Stunning 4K resolution for exceptional video quality
  • Smooth and precise PTZ control for seamless adjustments
  • Wide-angle panoramic view for comprehensive room coverage
  • Easy integration and control with popular video conferencing platforms.
  • 12X optical; 2X digital zoom

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The AVer CAM550 4K Dual Lens PTZ Conferencing Camera combines advanced features, stunning image quality, and flexible functionality to elevate your video conferencing and collaboration experience. With its dual lens design, PTZ capabilities, and easy integration, it’s an ideal choice for professional meetings, conferences, and remote collaboration.

High-Quality 4K Video

Experience crystal-clear video conferencing with the AVer CAM550. It boasts a high-resolution 4K image sensor, delivering exceptional video quality and detail. Enjoy lifelike visuals that enhance communication and collaboration.

Dual Lens Design

The CAM550 features a dual lens design, combining a wide-angle lens and a zoom lens. This configuration provides flexibility in capturing both panoramic views of meeting rooms and close-up shots of participants. Switch seamlessly between wide-angle and zoomed-in perspectives to capture every detail.

Smooth and Accurate PTZ Functionality

Take full control of your camera with the Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) functionality. The CAM550 allows you to remotely pan, tilt, and zoom the camera, ensuring that everyone in the meeting is clearly visible. Capture every speaker, whiteboard, or presentation material with ease.

Advanced Auto-Framing Technology

With advanced auto-framing technology, the CAM550 intelligently detects and frames participants, keeping them in focus and centered within the camera’s view. This feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments, ensuring everyone is captured and engaged throughout the conference.

Versatile Connectivity Options

The CAM550 offers versatile connectivity options, allowing for seamless integration with various conferencing systems and platforms. Whether it’s USB, HDMI, or IP streaming, this camera provides the flexibility to connect and collaborate using your preferred conferencing tools.

Easy Installation and Setup

Setting up the CAM550 is hassle-free, thanks to its user-friendly design. Mount the camera on a tripod or directly on the wall, and connect it to your conferencing system with ease. The camera’s intuitive interface ensures a quick and straightforward setup process.

Enhanced Audio Experience

The CAM550 is equipped with a built-in microphone and supports audio input from external sources, allowing for a complete audio-visual conferencing experience. Capture clear and crisp audio to complement the high-quality video.

Remote Management and Control

Manage and control the CAM550 remotely using AVer’s PTZ management software or compatible third-party control systems. This feature enables convenient camera operation and adjustments, even when you’re not physically present in the meeting room.


For more information on this product please click this link: https://communication.aver.com/model/cam550


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CAM550Aver CAM550 4K Dual Lens PTZ Conferencing Camera

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