Aver CAM520PRO2 1080p PTZ Conferencing Camera

Aver CAM520PRO2 1080p PTZ Conferencing Camera


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  • Full HD 1080p
  • 18X total Zoom
  • Auto Framing
  • Enterprise-Grade Imaging
  • USB connection

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Introducing the Aver CAM520PRO2 PTZ Camera: Elevate Your Video Conferencing Experience

The Aver CAM520Pro2 PTZ Camera is a cutting-edge video conferencing solution designed to deliver exceptional visual quality and seamless collaboration experiences. With its advanced features, superior optics, and user-friendly design, the CAM520Pro2 is the perfect tool for professional meetings, conferences, and remote collaborations.

Crystal-clear Full HD Resolution

Experience video conferencing in stunning detail with the CAM520Pro2’s Full HD resolution. Enjoy sharp, clear, and lifelike visuals that enhance communication and foster engaging discussions. Whether you’re presenting slides, sharing documents, or engaging in face-to-face conversations, the CAM520Pro2 ensures every detail is captured with precision.

Powerful 18X Optical Zoom

With its powerful 18X optical zoom, the camera enables you to focus on presenters, whiteboards, or other important visual content with exceptional clarity. Zoom in smoothly without sacrificing image quality, and ensure that all participants can see important details regardless of their location in the room.

Smooth Pan and Tilt Control

Take control of your video conferences with precise pan and tilt functionality. Effortlessly adjust the camera angle to focus on speakers or capture the entire room. The smooth, motorized movements ensure seamless transitions and enable you to follow the action with ease.

Wide Field of View

The camera offers a wide 82-degree field of view, ensuring that all participants in the room are visible without the need for manual adjustments. Whether you’re in a small huddle room or a large conference room, the wide-angle view captures everyone in the frame, promoting inclusivity and effective collaboration.

Intelligent AE/AF Technology

The camera features intelligent Auto Exposure (AE) and Auto Focus (AF) technology, which automatically adjusts camera settings to optimize image quality in different lighting conditions. This ensures that participants are always clearly visible, regardless of the room’s lighting environment.

Easy Plug-and-Play Setup

Setting up the CAM520Pro2 is a breeze with its simple plug-and-play functionality. Connect the camera to your computer or video conferencing system via USB, and you’re ready to go. The camera is compatible with popular video conferencing platforms and requires no additional drivers or complicated setup processes.

Elevate your video conferencing experience with the Aver CAM520Pro2 PTZ Camera. Enjoy crystal-clear Full HD resolution, powerful optical zoom, smooth pan and tilt control, and easy setup. Make every virtual meeting feel like an in-person interaction with the CAM520Pro2’s exceptional performance and advanced features.


For further information please follow this link:https://communication.aver.com/model/cam520pro2

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CAM520PRO2Aver CAM520PRO2 1080p PTZ Conferencing Camera

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