Roland V-60HD Vision Mixer

Roland V-60HD Vision Mixer


  • 4 SDI inputs (with de-interlacer)
  • 22 HDMI inputs (scaled)
  • 31 RGB/COMPONENT input shared with HDMI Input 6 (scaled)
  • 42 SDI outputs ‒ assignable to PGM, PVW, AUX
  • 52 HDMI outputs ‒ assignable to PGM, PVW, AUX
  • 61 Multiview output ‒ Program and Preview plus 8 video sources with audio meters
  • 7LAN ‒ Remote control and Smart Tally
  • 8RS-232 ‒ Remote control
  • 9USB-Port ‒ Still image upload, saving program files
  • 10DC IN ‒ Included PSB-7U AC adaptor or battery operation > Battery information

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Live event production and streaming continue to grow and the demand for more features requires a sophisticated feature set.

The Roland V-60HD simplifies your set-ups and combines the best of both worlds that includes SDI inputs for camera sources and scaled HDMI inputs for data, computer, tablet and other video sources. The combination of powerful audio features that include multi-channel embedded audio, XLR and RCA analog inputs, de-embedded audio from digital SDI or HDMI sources plus a variety of video connections with a Program and Aux Bus makes the V-60HD ideal for a variety of live event production and streaming applications.


Live Production

Corporate event production is the fastest growing live event space with companies hosting town halls, meetings, training, new product announcements, both in person and streaming.

  • The Roland V-60HD is portable and small enough to be used in multiple locations in an office or outside meeting location.
  • The four SDI inputs and two HDMI inputs are perfect for switching cameras and computers at the same time for dynamic presentations.
  • Not all cameras support full 1080p so the de-interlacer on the SDI inputs allows you to mix and match 1080i and 1080p SDI video sources multiple cameras without external converters.
  • Audio is easier to mix than ever before using the Roland V-60HD’s auto-mixing function that will automatically balance audio levels from multiple microphones and video sources freeing up the operator to focus on switching the video for the event.


Video communication helps improve the effectiveness of education when used for streaming lectures, assemblies, distance learning, sports, live performances or theater productions.

  • Multi-destination outputs include Program, Preview, and AUX buses and make it easy to send the main output to the primary screen or live stream and presenter notes to a presenter’s monitor.
  • Audio auto-mixing automatically adjusts audio level based on weighting ensuring even levels for the room mix, presenter to send to recording, live stream or in-room speakers.
  • Educators can use the multi-channel audio embed function to record 8 discreet audio channels to an SDI video recorder to fix audio issues in later editing or separate multi-language audio sources post-event.
  • The Roland V-60HD’s user interface is easy for students, novices and can be controlled remotely through the LAN port using Roland’s Remote-Control Software from PC or Mac.
  • For fixed installations, the V-60HD can be remotely controlled through the RS-232 port using touch panel interfaces making it easy to control functions.


The Roland V-60HD is ideal for multiscreen environments usually found in churches, conference centers, hotels, and trade show facilities where different content needs to be switched to independent screens.

  • The dedicated Aux buttons make switching to a second destination as easy as switching to the main screen
  • A newly designed wireless tally system for iOS and Android devices makes for smoother events by providing tally that helps talent and camera operators identify which camera is currently selected for program and which camera will be switched to next.
  • Auto-Scan (Ver.2.0), integrated audio inputs and advanced effects including Auto-Mixing and powerful dynamics make the V-60HD an ideal streaming mixer solution to remix stems from an audio console and adjusted for broadcast.

Weight3.0 kg
Dimensions30 × 50 × 20 cm
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Roland V-60HD vision mixerRoland V-60HD Vision Mixer

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