Oakey State High School Multipurpose Hall

Visual Focus was engaged through Bryant Contract Builders to work on both the audio-visual infrastructure and equipment installation of the Oakey State High school Multipurpose Hall. 

The newly developed Multipurpose hall showcases cutting-edge audio-visual features aimed at enhancing student learning in technical theatre skills, including theatre lighting, audio mixing and amplification, and learning practice areas.

Following the specifications outlined during the design stage, Visual Focus delivered infrastructure and equipment that offer versatility for technical learning, performances, and operation within theatre environments.


Lighting consists of various Show technology Fresnel’s and Hex Pars that illuminate the stage, allowing for immersive atmospheres tailored to each performance or event. Furthermore, lighting parameters can be adjusted in real-time during rehearsals or live performances, allowing for on-the-fly modifications to meet the evolving needs of the production. To achieve this control a LCS Mantra Lite console was utulised. 


The audio system in the multipurpose hall at Oakey State High School ispowered by a JBL CBT 70J-1 + 70JE-1 system, providing exceptional sound quality and coverage for various events and performances.

Projection and screens

On either side of the stage, two Epson EB-730U laser projectors have been strategically installed, each boasting a powerful 7000-lumen output. These projectors cast their crisp visuals onto two expansive 160″ Grandview projector screens, ensuring excellent visibility for all attendees.

Designed to contend with the ambient lighting present in the hall these high-lumen projectors excel in displaying highly detailed imagery with remarkable clarity. Additionally, to ensure these projectors are not damaged they are protected in Ultralift “spider enclosures”. 


A Crestron control system has been meticulously programmed to simplify the day-to-day management of the room’s functionalities. Offering seamless control over lighting, audio, and projection facilities, it features intuitive press-button operation. Moreover, the system offers flexibility for theatrical operation, allowing student technicians and teachers to utilize its capabilities effectively.
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