Mipro AT-90W Wideband Transmitting & Receiving Log Antenna

Mipro AT-90W Wideband Transmitting & Receiving Log Antenna


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Mipro AT-90W Bi-directional Transmit/Receive Antenna

The Mipro AT-90W is a bi-functional log antenna for professional receiving and transmitting applications. Optimized for 470 ~ 1000 MHz, it is compatible with US and EU new telecom regulations. It has a 4 ~ 6 dBi gain which is ideal for any installation requiring specific directionality. The wideband AT-90W can be easily distinguished from its predecessor, the AT-90, by its new “W-Shaped” design.

The Mipro AT-90W has two input connectors: “TX/RX” connector can be connected to a transmitter or receiver, however, connection to a short coaxial cable is recommended when connected to a receiver. “RX” connector can be connected to a receiver only and has a built-in 0 ~ 12 dB ± 1 dB gain-adjustable booster, thus providing extended reception range and compensating for the signal loss of coaxial cable to improve reception range and signal quality.

The power of a gain-controllable booster can be provided by a MIPRO AD-708 antenna divider or any MIPRO ACT Series receiver which provides bias by adding an AD-702 auto gain controller on their antenna connectors. It is water resistant and ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.


MS-30 Tripod Microphone Stand
MS-90 Wall Mount

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range UHF 470 – 1,000 MHz
Antenna Gain 4 – 6 dBi
3-dB Beam Width 75° Vertical; 130° Horizontal
Booster Gain RX Connector: 0 – 12 dB gain controllable;
TX/RX Connector: 0 dB
VSWR < 2:1
Voltage Range of RX


8 – 15 V DC
Power Consumption RX Connector: 1.3 W / 8 V DC;
TX Connector: 0 mW
Impedance 50 Ω
Connector 2 × TNC female
Dimensions (W × H × D) 319 × 270 × 25 mm | 12.5 × 10.6 × 1 ”
Net Weight Approx. 430 g | 15.2 oz



Weight1 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 10 cm
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Mipro AT-90WMipro AT-90W Wideband Transmitting & Receiving Log Antenna

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