Mary Mackillop Catholic College Highfields

We’re thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Mary MacKillop Catholic college Arts Precinct near Toowoomba.
The once under-eating area now boasts a new Arts Building. Featuring a variety of stage lighting fixtures supplied by Show Technology Australia & New Zealand, positioned on the front of house and overhead bars and controlled by an LSC Mantra Lite desk and wing.
The audio system for this Precinct is from dBTechnologies. Two dB technologies VIO X12 speakers are mounted left and right of the stage, with two VIO X205-100 centre speakers accomplishing coverage for optimal listening from any angle in the auditorium.
An Epson PU2010B 10,000-lumen Laser Projector mounted at a short distance required an ELPLU03S short throw lens fitted to fill the stage with an image from the projector.
All audio mixing is operated from a separate room. An ALLEN & HEATH SQ5 digital desk is utilised for mixing audio, accompanied by a pair of KRK 7″ classic studio monitors and KRK S.8 4 Pro subwoofer for active listening.
The system has programmed control from a Crestron 7″ tablet, positioned in a convenient location for teachers to use intuitive touch buttons to operate the technology. This Crestron tablet gives control for projection video routing and lets teachers simply control set audio sources and microphones for assembly.
A huge shout-out to our tech and design teams for their innovation, hard work and dedication. Additionally, thank you to Theatre Safe Australia for stage rigging, Swift Energy Group for great work on electrical requirements and Newlands Group for their management and support throughout the project.
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