LSC Mantra lite DMX lighting console


LSC Mantra lite DMX lighting console


  • Easy to use App based user interface.
  • Large 18cm capacitive multi-touch colour LCD screen.
  • Animate’ feature – Create complex FX quickly – the easiest way to add dynamic movement and colour to your stage.
  • Fans for colour and position.
  • Built in fixture template creator with unique live learning control.
  • Multiple Undo command system
  • On board Help menu.
  • Optional USB powered wing provide control of 12 more fixtures, 10 additional playbacks and an extra DMX output.
  • Connect two wings for a total of 48 fixtures, 30 playbacks and 3 universes of DMX.
  • Two models – One with built-in auto ranging power supply (CE certified), the other with external power pack (UL listed).
  • Internal auto voltage mains power supply with IEC connector (not applicable to UL version).
  • Mini UPS for auto show save on power loss.
  • DMX out via 5pin XLR and ethernet (Art-Net and/or sACN).
  • Perfect for smaller venues including schools and churches.
  • Built-in carry handle.
  • Rugged all metal construction.
  • Made in Australia with a full 2 year warranty

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Introducing the LSC Mantra Lite DMX Lighting Console, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your lighting control experience. With its powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface, the LSC Mantra Lite console empowers lighting professionals and enthusiasts to create mesmerizing lighting designs with ease.

The LSC Mantra Lite DMX Lighting Console combines advanced features and intuitive operation to provide seamless control over your lighting fixtures. Its ergonomic layout and responsive controls allow for precise adjustments and effortless navigation, ensuring a fluid and efficient workflow.

Equipped with DMX protocol compatibility, the LSC Mantra Lite console enables you to communicate and control a wide range of DMX-compatible lighting fixtures. From intelligent moving lights to LED fixtures and dimmers, this console supports comprehensive control over various lighting parameters, including intensity, color, movement, effects, and more.

The console boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies programming and operation. With its intuitive layout, clear visual feedback, and customizable touchscreen display, you can easily create and modify lighting cues, scenes, and effects. The console offers flexible programming options, allowing you to record and playback dynamic lighting sequences that perfectly complement your artistic vision.

Additionally, the LSC Mantra Lite DMX Lighting Console provides advanced features to enhance your creativity and streamline your workflow. Take advantage of built-in visualizers, fixture libraries, and 3D visualization tools to preview and fine-tune your lighting designs before they hit the stage. The console also supports timecode synchronization, allowing for precise synchronization with audio, video, and other show elements.

Designed for versatility and compatibility, the LSC Mantra Lite console offers connectivity options such as Ethernet, USB, and MIDI, enabling seamless integration with other lighting and show control systems. This allows you to expand your creative possibilities and adapt to the needs of diverse production environments.

Whether you’re a seasoned lighting professional or just starting your journey in the world of stage lighting, the LSC Mantra Lite DMX Lighting Console provides a powerful and user-friendly solution to bring your lighting designs to life. Experience the freedom, control, and creativity that the LSC Mantra Lite console offers and unlock the full potential of your lighting productions.

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LSC Mantra consoleLSC Mantra lite DMX lighting console

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