Visual Focus was chosen to deliver this high-profile architectural lighting project. Their team worked closely with the client and the ULA Group team to propose a perfect architectural lighting solution for the iconic building.

“Originally, we were looking at the existing Griven range, but just before we received a go-ahead for our project, Griven released their new Capital series, which seemed to be a perfect solution for us,” says Ben Hunt, Head of Lighting at the Empire Theatre.

The Capital 100 RGBW fixtures were used to illuminate the front façade of the heritage-listed building on both levels. Fourteen Jade 16 RGBW round profile fixtures are being used to light up each of the columns of the front facade, creating an extra depth for the lighting designs when desired and allowing the beauty of the architectural structure of the Empire Theatre to be seen in full after dusk.

Griven Capital 300 RGBW fixtures fitted with extra-wide optics illuminate both sides of the building, including the fly tower. The architectural lighting system is controlled by Pharos, allowing the pre-programmed lighting sequences to be scheduled at different times and days, depending on the season or specific shows & performances which are being played or hosted in the Theatre.

“The new fixtures by Girven ensure that the iconic Façade of the Empire Theatre remains tastefully illuminated but also give it some new artistic flair that will stand the test of time. The colour rendition & white point from the Capital series is great and works well on the heritage-listed façades”, comments Ben Hunt.

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