Outdoor LED Screen


Visual Focus’s LED Video Trailer is custom built with a true 10mm pixel pitch, outdoor LED screen. The large 15sqm surface ensures audiences can see what is happening all the way to the back row. Its high brightness means it’s suitable for use during both day and night, giving you the most flexibility at your event. Because of its size, the RT20d can be moved with a standard 4wd, meaning it can get into spaces not accessible by other large LED trucks.

Hydraulic controls help ensure a quick and painless deployment, reducing setup times making it suitable for situations where other LED walls may not be.


Screen Size: 4.8m x 2.6m

Trailer size 6.5m x 2.2

Max Height 4.7m

Pixel Pitch: 10mm

Power: 32 amp -3 phase

Weight: 3.5 tonne

Signal input: SDI, HDMI, Composite.

See PDF for Dimension Drawings –RT20D

*Please note, a trained technician is always required to set up and deploy the screen. We are happy to give you a custom quote for your event to ensure you have everything needed for a hassle-free day.


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