Epson EB-L635SU Short Throw Laser Projector

Epson EB-L635SU Short Throw Laser Projector


  • 6,000-lumen brightness
  • WUXGA resolution
  • Futureproofed connectivity options
  • Easy, flexible installation
  • Short-throw projection

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Epson EB-L635SU Short Throw Laser Projector

The Epson EB-L635SU short-throw, 6,000 lumens laser projector is ideal for users who need to produce large images in tight spaces.
As the market leader in 3LCD technology, Epson continues to improve its high-brightness laser projectors with more compact short-throw display solutions.
The Epson EB-L635SU delivers effective, practical, and creative applications to meet the display needs in education, corporates, museums, and visitor attractions. All are achieved without sacrificing image quality or lens shift flexibility.

Short throw application

The Epson EB-L635SU short throw laser display can offer a large image from an even shorter distance. Receive an 80″ image size with the projector lens only 138cm from the wall so you can still have a large image even when in constricted spaces.

Laser light source

Experience astonishing quality and reliability with Epson’s laser light source technology. The newly designed laser light source and advanced electrostatic filter offers fit and forget reliability to keep maintenance to a minimum.

6,000 lumens

Powered by 3LCD technology and Epson’s laser optical engine, the Epson EB-L635SU is capable of producing white light and colour light output of 6,000 lumens in WUXGA resolution, delivering captivating images in virtually any venue.

Custom brightness adjustment

The laser light source also lets you take control of brightness with precise adjustment in increments of 1% and a constant brightness mode that maintains brightness at a specified level. This makes it easy to adjust the image to fit to your viewing environment and can also prolong projector life.

High resolution with 4K input support

The Epson EB-L635SU features native resolution up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200), delivering high quality images and crisp, sharp text without any distortion. WUXGA resolution is ideal for any application requiring full HD, including BluRay content, graphic intensive programs, film slides, and any application requiring exceptional detail. The EB-L635SU can also receive a 4K input signal up to 4K/60Hz 4:2:0, ensuring high quality resolution for high quality content.

Super resolution with detail enhancement

Get a crisper and sharper image with advanced image features on the Epson EB-L635SU. Super-resolution defines edges for standard and HD content, while detail enhancement refines surface detail for true-to-life images. With advanced digital processing, visibility of image displays such as small letters and patterns improves and the sharp edges create crisper images for a more immersive experience.

Scene adaptive gamma correction

The Epson EB-L635SU offers high visibility in any environment with image quality adjustment features, such as scene-adaptive gamma correction. This feature analyses images frame-by-frame and automatically adjusts the gamma level to project at the optimum contrast. Natural-looking images are achieved by controlling crushed blacks in dark scenes and clipped whites in bright scenes.

Flexible display options and sizes

Deliver impactful sessions by displaying up to 500″ in 16:9 aspect ratio or up to 450″ with a 16:6 wide aspect ratio. This flexibility allows for using the entirety of the screen surface for projection, or for switching between digital and analog working, which makes the room suitable for different working situations.

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Epson EB-L635SUEpson EB-L635SU Short Throw Laser Projector

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