Epson EB-770F 1080p Ultra Short Throw Data Projector


Epson EB-770F 1080p Ultra Short Throw Data Projector

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  • Scalable FHD display for any room
  • Bright and energy efficient laser
  • Effortless connectivity options
  • Simple to use and built to last
  • Document camera compatibility

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The Epson EB-770F boasts a bright, 1080p image, scalable up to 150″, is clearly visible from every angle and at a distance, and content can easily be shared or streamed directly from multiple devices for the ultimate collaborative experience.
Drive engagement and communication with an affordable display, up to 150″, that will improve productivity in any environment.
Whatever the size of the class or meeting room, unrestricted and immersive presentations are possible with this bright, clear, compact, and affordable display solution.

Key Features

  • Scalable FHD display for any room 49-150″ UST display for unrestricted viewing
  • Bright and energy efficient laser 4,100lm CLO with 3LCD technology for brighter colours at only 205W
  • Effortless connectivity options Auto-on, wired / wireless display with USB 2A output for smart sticks
  • Simple to use and built to last Virtually maintenance free with 5-year, 12,000hr warranty
  • Document camera compatibility Create and record a live, totally immersive lesson or presentation

The Epson EB-770F’s ultra-short throw lens allows safe, discreet positioning close to the display, enabling presenters free access to perform without casting shadows.

With 4,100 lumens CLO and 3LCD technology, the display is bright and vibrant up to 150″, clearly visible from all angles and at a distance. The experience is immersive and user-friendly.

Scalable from 49-150″, display sizes can be optimised for each room with one product and a fixed cost, and the Epson EB-770F supports multi-projection edge-blending for a low cost, large, seamless, energy efficient 3780x1080p image.

Versatile wired and wireless connectivity options, including Miracast™ screen mirroring, ensures effortless, multi-device content sharing, and with a connected optional Epson visualiser, documents, presentations or 3D objects can be projected in incredible detail to the whole room.

Unlike a flat-panel display, there is no heavy, breakable, glass panel to create disruptive, reflected blind spots at certain angles, and teachers are not subjected to LCD panel direct blue light radiation, believed to damage eyes. Paired with a hygenic, antibacterial whiteboard, teachers can annotate presentations with dry-wipe pens, or to save energy, simply use the whiteboard with the display turned off.

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Dimensions50 × 50 × 30 cm
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Epson EB-770FEpson EB-770F 1080p Ultra Short Throw Data Projector
Original price was: $3999.00.Current price is: $3299.00.

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