Chiayo Focus Pro 70 watt 6.5 inch portable PA


Chiayo Focus Pro 70 watt 6.5 inch portable PA

Original price was: $1349.00.Current price is: $1199.00.

  • Includes single wireless microphone & diversity receiver
  • Includes SB21 carry bag
  • Clear and intuitive LCD display for easy operation and quick set-up
  • Bluetooth
  • Digital Recorder
  • USB

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The Chiayo Focus Pro 70 is a portable PA system designed for use in a variety of settings, such as classrooms, conference rooms, and outdoor events. It is a compact and lightweight system that is easy to transport and set up, making it ideal for mobile applications.

The system features a built-in amplifier that delivers 50 watts of power, which is enough to cover small to medium-sized venues. It also includes a rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous use, allowing you to use it without being tethered to an electrical outlet.

The Chiayo Focus Pro 70 comes with a wireless microphone and receiver, allowing you to move around freely while delivering your message. It also includes a range of input options, such as a 3.5mm auxiliary input, a USB port, and an SD card slot, making it easy to connect to a variety of devices.

Other features of the Chiayo Focus Pro 70 include a built-in digital audio player that supports MP3 and WAV files, as well as a built-in Bluetooth receiver that allows you to stream audio from your smartphone or tablet. The system also includes a built-in mixer with individual volume controls for the microphone and auxiliary inputs, as well as a master volume control.

Chiayo Focus Pro 70 Features:


  • High-efficiency Class D amplifier produces MAX. 70W audio output (MAX. 140W with external speaker)
  • All-in-one! Easy to operate in both indoors and outdoors.
  • Portable amp system eliminates all cables so you can take it anywhere!
  • 70W speaker system 6 1/2″ full range driver
  • 1 x 6.35mm Mic and 1 x 6.35 mm Line input.
  • Up to 2 diversity receiver modules with 100 frequencies. (order separately CH-SDR8200M)
  • 6.35 mm auxiliary out.
  • 6.35 mm Speaker out for an external 4 ohm passive speaker
  • Voice priority function automatically ducks music during speech (switchable).
  • 2-band EQ for Mic. 3-band EQ for music.
  • Tripod stand mountable with ST40
  • 2 power modes: Internal Rechargeable battery & DC jack
  • Up to to 20 hours operating time per charge with Li-Ion batteries
  • Ships with DPRB600M Dig rec/player with USB and Bluetooth
  • Includes SB21 carry bag
Weight12 kg
Dimensions60 × 50 × 50 cm
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Chiayo Focus Pro 70Chiayo Focus Pro 70 watt 6.5 inch portable PA
Original price was: $1349.00.Current price is: $1199.00.

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