Bullet Train Fiber Optic HDMI Cable up to 5K Resolution (SSF)

Bullet Train Fiber Optic HDMI Cable up to 5K Resolution (SSF)


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Bullet Train Fiber Optic HDMI

Your ultimate HDMI cable solution has arrived! Bullet Train fiber optic HDMI cables effortlessly handle 18Gbps, HDR, and Wide Colour Gamut with unrivaled performance. These cables have undergone rigorous engineering and testing to guarantee their long-lasting reliability and are CL3 rated for in-wall installations, providing peace of mind to installers.

When you demand High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG), look no further—Bullet Train fiber optic is your indispensable choice. Crafted to deliver a dependable, budget-friendly HDMI cable for robust 4K installations, Bullet Train ensures stable video and audio in new setups. Rest assured and proudly inform your clients that they are employing the finest cables available on the market.”




Bullet Train recognizes the vital importance of a stable signal for all integrators. To ensure our cable delivers the utmost signal quality, we’ve employed only the finest copper of the highest quality. Through our exclusive engineering and manufacturing methods, we’ve skillfully intertwined the internal cables to optimize signal flow, enhancing both speed and quality.

This HDMI cable supports the HDMI 2.0 refresh rate spectrum, a critical factor as we push the boundaries of frames per second. Bullet Train enables the display to synchronize with the speed at which frames traverse the HDMI cable, guaranteeing precise and efficient rendering of these incredibly minute measurements.

Thanks to HDMI 2.0 specifications, we can achieve data rates of up to 60 FPS. This not only doubles the standard 24 frames-per-second (FPS) commonly found on HDMI, but also enhances the overall frame rate.

Bullet Train’s cables are derived from a lineage of HDMI Testing and Display Calibration, enabling us to provide Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certification for each cable we offer. ISF is renowned for its scientifically accurate display colouring, ensuring that when you transmit a signal through this HDMI cable, you experience the vibrant colours in which the content was originally mastered.”


    • 18Gbps, 5K 60 fps/hz
    • ARC (Audio Return Channel)
    • eARC (10-20M Cables)
    • Zero Latency
    • HDMI 2.0
    • HDCP 2.3​
    • Ultra-Low Power Consumption
    • HD Resolutions​
    • ​3D Signals
    • VESA Resolutions
    • HDR (High Dynamic Range)
    • Dolby Vision
    • 7.1 Audio, Dolby Audio, DTS Audio


Weight1 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 20 cm

10 metre, 15 metre, 20 metre, 30 metre

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Bullet Train Fiber Optic HDMIBullet Train Fiber Optic HDMI Cable up to 5K Resolution (SSF)
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