Biamp Parlé VBC 2500 Conferencing Video Bar

Biamp Parlé VBC 2500 Conferencing Video Bar


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Parlé VBC 2500 overview

The Parlé VBC 2500 is an all-in-one conferencing bar featuring Biamp Audio Intelligence to deliver premium audiovisual experiences for small and medium conference rooms. It offers the same audio intelligence features of its ABC 2500 counterpart with the addition on the Biamp Video intelligence camera system. Onboard DSP powers the integrated AEC, AGC, and NRD, along with the 27-microphone array and Biamp Beamtracking™ technology to actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room. Room sound reinforcement is provided by a pair of Biamp audio intelligence optimized onboard speakers. The premium onboard optics feature a 12MP camera with 120° wide-angle lens, along with ePTZ, auto-framing, and automatic shutter features.

Parlé VBC 2500 can be plugged directly into a UC System with a single USB connection or can be paired with a Devio SCR-10 for a BYOD system.

Parlé VBC 250


Microphones and DSP processing

VBC Features

The Parlé VBC 2500 conferencing bar is designed around the same technology that is in the Parlé and Tesira products in one hardware device. Using 27 mics arranged in a vertical and horizontal array pattern, the ABC 2500 allows for pattern control on the Azimuth and Vertical fields of the room. In addition to the microphone array technology, the bar incorporates all the DSP elements that go into the Tesira products with an additional level of performance due to the nature of an all in one solution.


Mic array and DSP features of the Parlé VBC 2500

  • 27 Element Mic Array (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Tuned for Voice
  • Three Tracking Arrays
  • Advanced BeamTracking, Gain Control, Noise Cancelation and AEC processing

The large number of spaced capsules allow for mics to be setup as “clusters” forming very tight coverage over more frequencies on both the Azimuth and Vertical zones in the room. This allows for accurate tracking of seated or standing participants without the pickup of HVAC, adjacent room, or fan noise.

  Frequency plot


Parlé capsule clusters are positioned and tuned to be focused in the speech range. This allows for an optimized approach of speech pickup even before DSP is introduced. This helps to get the best speech sound to the microphone before any additional processing is added.

Biamp AI Noise Reduction

The Parlé ABC 2500 and VBC 2500 bars also feature Biamp’s newest noise reduction algorithm that provides reduction of stationary room noise as well as non-stationary room sources. Previous noise reduction focused on sources in the room that were steady and made adjustments to reduce or remove. In our newest noise reduction intelligence, non stationary room sources that are short in duration or have a high variability can be reduced in the same manner.

This noise reduction is based on a deep learning algorithm that uses matching learning to identify and isolate human speech from other sources such as typing, coughing, or sounds from outside the room.

AGC and Echo cancellation


Parlé conferencing bars feature the same onboard DSP technology as featured in the Tesira and Devio families to ensure optimum performance. This includes acoustic echo cancellation, AGC, speech sense, and non linear processing.


Speakers and Amplification

Both VBC 2500 and ABC 2500 conferencing bars have speaker components to provide the best in room audio performance. Stereo speakers have been provided to prepare for UC stereo conferencing needs.

  • Parlé VBC 2500 Speakers and Amplification60mm low distortion drivers are provided for uniform wide coverage.
  • The innovative enclosure design includes high volume, sealed enclosures that allow for complete isolation of the speaker assembly, passive radiator from the other bar components within the chassis.
  • Dynamic Bass enhancement (DBE) is included to enhance low frequency content when at lower volumes, as well as ensure zoro low-end distortions at high volumes.
  • 20W x 2 onboard amplification with distortion compensation DSP to maximize enclosure efficiency.


The VBC 2500 is designed around a 12MP image sensor for a 4K, 120° field of view. It is great fit for huddle spaces, or small to medium conference room design applications. The VBC 2500 incorporates Biamp Video Intelligence technology into its onboard DSP to provide a strong features that optimize camera performance to the far side participants. Below is a list of the features included in the VBC 2500 onboard camera.

  • LED indications for camera activityCamera
  • 4K, wide angle 120° field of view
  • Electric Pan/Tilt/Zoom with 5x zoom
  • Auto framing technology to keep participants in view
  • Automatic privacy shutter
  • Preset Recall
  • Biamp Camera Control app for PC/MAC control and updates
  • UVC camera control


Biamp LaunchTM

Biamp Launch

Parle’ VBC 2500 features Biamp LaunchTM, and a suite of functions designed to speed up and optimize the installation and tuning of a Biamp conference system.



Rear panel features locking USB type C connection for integration and locking power connector for the included 12 VDC power supply.

Rear Connectivity

  • USB-C locking connection with provided USB cables
    • USB-C to USB C, 1M length, 20GBit/Sec Rated
  • Locking 12VDC ~5A Power adapter is included and recommended for most applications.
    • Note: Locking supply connection must be fully tightened and seated for proper power to be supplied to bar. If issue with enumeration is present, check for proper power supply seating.
  • VBC 2500a models include an additional 3.5mm mono balanced output for connectivity to Assisted Listening Systems (ALS)

The Parlé  VBC 2500 has a rated max output of 50W.


Note: USB-C PD allows for up to 20V. The onboard electronics will support both USB or DC power, but it is recommended to plan to use the included PS-12-60 power supply in any cases where the host device or hub is not rated to supply the required USB-C power to the conferencing bar.


Integrated cable cover snaps in place for clean install. Includes rear panel mounting points for table, wall, or VESA mounts.


Factory reset is available via the launch button on the Parlé conferencing bars. If reset is required, push and hold the launch button for 10 seconds to reset the VBC 2500 back to its factory settings including Launch configuration.

Note: Once the bar has been factory reset, the Microphone LEDs will slowly pulse red and green until Launch optimization has been initiated.

LED Indicators

Audio Privacy LED on the front with Red/Green mute status indication tied to UC mute status. When configured as a speakerphone, the ABC 2500 uses Human Interface Device (HID) communication that can synchronize privacy mute state and volume control if the UC application supports this communication. HID mute synchronization and AEC offloading are supported by various UC platforms.


Audio – Microphone LEDs: center front (behind the glass)
Active with mic UNMUTED – Green
Active with mic MUTED – Red
Inactive – OFF

Flashing slow Red/Green – Factory reset, ready for Launch.



A camera privacy LED is provided on the front with white status indication tied to camera active state.The onboard physical privacy shutter will open and close while call is active.


Video – Camera LED: VBC only above camera(behind the glass)                                            Active with camera ON – LED ON – White, shutter open
Active with camera OFF – LED OFF, shutter open
Inactive – LED OFF, shutter closed


For full specifications on the Parlé VBC 2500 please click this link:


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