Aver CAM540 4K PTZ Camera with USB


Aver CAM540 4K PTZ Camera with USB

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  • 4K Resolution
  • Smooth PTZ Control
  • 86 degree Wide field of view
  • SmartFrame Technology
  • Easy Integration and Control
  • 16X Zoom

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Introducing the Aver CAM540 4K PTZ Camera: Unleash the Power of High-Definition Video Conferencing

The Aver CAM540 4K PTZ Camera is a cutting-edge video conferencing solution designed to deliver exceptional visual quality and enhanced collaboration experiences. With its advanced features, versatile functionality, and crystal-clear 4K resolution, the camera takes video conferencing to a whole new level.

Stunning 4K Resolution

Experience lifelike video quality with the camera’s impressive 4K resolution. Enjoy unparalleled clarity, sharpness, and detail that brings remote participants closer together and ensures a truly immersive video conferencing experience. Every meeting feels like an in-person interaction.

Smooth and Precise PTZ Control

Take control of your video conference with the CAM540’s pan, tilt, and zoom functionality. Effortlessly capture every participant, regardless of their location in the room. With its precise motorized movement and smooth panning capabilities, the CAM540 ensures that no one is left out, providing a dynamic and inclusive meeting environment.

Wide Field of View

The camera features an expansive field of view, capturing a wide area of the conference room. No matter how large or small your meeting space is, the CAM540 ensures that everyone can be seen clearly without the need for manual adjustments. The wide-angle lens ensures comprehensive coverage, keeping all participants engaged and visible.

SmartFrame Technology

Equipped with Aver’s innovative SmartFrame technology, the CAM540 automatically adjusts its field of view and zoom level to fit all participants within the frame. This intelligent feature eliminates the need for manual camera adjustments and ensures that everyone is prominently displayed, optimizing the visual experience and facilitating smooth collaboration.

Easy Integration and Control

The camera seamlessly integrates with leading video conferencing platforms, making it compatible with your existing setup. It supports popular protocols such as USB, HDMI, and RS-232, allowing for easy connectivity and control. The included remote control and intuitive on-screen display enable effortless camera adjustments, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Enhanced Audio Capabilities

The camera not only excels in video quality but also offers superior audio performance. Its built-in microphone array captures clear and natural sound, eliminating the need for additional microphones in small to medium-sized meeting rooms. The CAM540 ensures that every word is heard with exceptional clarity.

Elevate your video conferencing experience with the Aver PTZ Camera. Enjoy stunning visuals, seamless PTZ control, and effortless integration, all designed to enhance collaboration and communication. Make every virtual meeting feel like an in-person interaction with the power and versatility of the CAM540.


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CAM540Aver CAM540 4K PTZ Camera with USB
Original price was: $2539.00.Current price is: $2399.00.

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