Allen & Heath QU-24C Mixing console


Allen & Heath QU-24C Mixing console

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  • Inputs: 24 Mono / 3 Stereo
  • Mixes: 4 Mono / 5 Stereo / LR
  • Matrix: 2 Stereo
  • 32×30 USB Audio Interface
  • Comprehensive Channel Processing and FX

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Allen Heath QU-24C Mixing console

The Allen & Heath QU-24C is a high-end digital mixing console designed for professional live sound applications. With its powerful processing capabilities, intuitive interface, and versatile connectivity options, this console is perfect for any event or venue requiring top-notch sound quality.

At the heart of the QU-24C is its 24-channel mixer section, which features 24 microphone preamps, 10 mix outputs, and a comprehensive set of EQ and dynamics processing tools. These tools allow engineers to precisely shape the sound of individual channels, groups, and the overall mix, ensuring that every performance sounds its best.

The mixer section is controlled via a large, full-colour touchscreen interface, which provides clear and detailed visual feedback of all settings and parameters. Additionally, the console can be controlled remotely via an iPad or other wireless device, allowing engineers to make adjustments from anywhere in the venue.

In terms of connectivity, the QU-24C offers an impressive array of options, including 24 XLR inputs, 10 XLR outputs, 4 stereo TRS inputs, and 4 stereo TRS outputs. The console also features a range of digital connectivity options, including USB recording and playback, MIDI I/O, and Ethernet networking.

Other notable features of the QU-24C include its onboard effects processing, which includes a range of high-quality reverbs, delays, and other time-based effects, as well as its advanced channel linking capabilities, which allow engineers to link multiple channels for stereo operation or to control them as a single unit.

Overall, the Allen & Heath QU-24C is a powerful and versatile digital mixing console that offers exceptional sound quality, intuitive control, and a wide range of connectivity options. Whether you’re mixing a small band in a local bar or a large-scale concert in a major venue, the QU-24C is a top-tier choice for any live sound application.


  • 24 Mono Mic/Line Inputs (TRS + XLR)
  • Recallable AnaLOGIQTM Preamps
  • 3 Stereo Inputs (TRS)
  • 20 Mix Outputs (XLR)
  • 2 Stereo Groups (switchable to Mix mode)
  • Up to 9 Monitor Mixes (4 mono + 5 stereo)
  • 2 Stereo Matrix Outs
  • 4 FX Engines
  • 4 dedicated FX Sends / Returns
  • 4 Mute Groups
  • 4 DCA Groups
  • AES Digital Out
  • 32×30 USB Audio Interface
  • dSNAKETM Remote Audio Port
  • 25 Motor Faders
  • 800×480 Touchscreen
  • 10 Soft Keys
  • Trim, polarity, HPF, gate, insert, 4-band PEQ, compressor, delay on all Inputs
  • Insert, 4-band PEQ, 1/3 octave GEQ, compressor, delay on all Outputs
  • Automatic Mic Mixer
  • Channel Ducker on all Inputs
  • ProFactory Mic Presets
  • RackFX Library
  • Built-in Signal Generator
  • RTA with Peak Band indication
  • Spectrogram to aid feedback elimination and room acoustics
  • Qu-Drive Direct Multitrack Recording / Playback on USB drives
  • DAW MIDI Control
  • Qu-Pad iPad App
  • Qu-You iPhone / Android personal monitoring app
  • Qu-Control customisable iOS app for simple wireless control
  • Compatible with ME Personal Mixing System
Weight14 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 20 cm
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QU-24CAllen & Heath QU-24C Mixing console
Original price was: $5999.00.Current price is: $4999.00.

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